I just stumbled onto your blog and it makes me smile like crazy! Are you still taking requests for those mini stories?

Yes. Fluff, Smut, or Both? :3 I’ll try to get to it when I can, I’m a little busy, but always try to make room for writing. Thanks for liking them, and my blog!

You’re Just A Beautiful Girl, With The Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders.. *Andy Biersack Fluff and Smut*

mrsbiersackpurdy Asked: Please can you write me a fluffy/smutty Andy Biersack one? Because I’m really struggling at the minute (selfharm/depression) and need something to take my mind off it. Fanch chu love xxxxxx


I decided to do this now because I know what it feels like to be in that place, so here is the best thing I could think of, sorry it’s not my best smut, but merp. Ps. Stay Strong, love, you can do it. I believe in you<3 I’m here if you need me, anytime, anyone. Anyone can message me if needed, I’m always here.


*Y/N’s POV*

I knew Andy would be mad if I cut right now, but all the things people tell me, I can’t help think that it’s true. I looked in the box where I kept it, and thought for a moment. Is it worth it…? I mean, I should be able to make my own decisions, but what if it hurt’s Andy more than anything? Ok, I just won’t tell him, or I’ll do it where he won’t find it. Yea. I’ll just do that….

I opened the box, and lifted up my sleeve. I was gonna do one cut for everything anyone’s ever told me for the day. It added up to about thirty.  I sighed, knowing that Andy would be home soon, and I would have to act like nothing was wrong. I went into the bathroom, locked the door, and looked myself in the mirror. “You deserve this…” I whispered, and the tears started falling down my face. I looked myself in the mirror, I cried even more. Looking at how broken I was, made me feel worse. What ever happened to the girl who didn’t have to force everything inside of her, just so she could fake a smile? What ever happened to the girl that didn’t have to worry about her makeup everyday? What ever happened to..Me…? I looked at the blade, my arm, and then the mirror. “I’m so sorry, Andy..” I whispered through my sobs, and dragged the blade across my arm a couple times.

I made it to fifteen before the front door opened and closed “Y/N, where are you” Andy’s voice boomed through the house. “One minute!” I yelled back, cleaning up the blood and hiding the blade again. I put on my jacket, and redid the makeup that was smeared all over my face. I walked out, and hugged Andy. “Hey babe” He smiled at me. I smiled back, and hugged him again, burying my face in his chest. “What’s wrong?” He looked me dead in the eye, causing me to look away. Think of something, Y/N, think. “I just missed you. You’ve been on tour for so long, I just missed you, that’s all.” I said in a innocent voice, trying to play it off. His hands travled down my arms, to my wrist, causing me to wince. “Roll up your sleeves, now” He demanded. I just looked at him, then the floor, ashamed that he knew I cut. When I didn’t roll them up, he did it and got down on his knees. He closed his eyes then kissed them. Every single one of them. I started crying, but not from being ashamed, but because someone actually cares.

"I love you so much, Y/N, I just don’t want to lose you. I love you too much to see you do this to yourself. You’re just a beautiful girl, with the weight of the world on your shoulders. You don’t deserve any of the shit your getting. You shouldn’t let the things people tell you get to you. Don’t let your mind win the fight, talk to me when you need it, ok?" He said in the most softest voice I’ve ever heard him use. I nodded, and he slowly leaned in. "I’m gonna show you you’re worth it" He whispered against my lips, and kissed me again. The kiss was soon heated, but not in a lust way, more in a passionate, "I love you" type of way. His hands soon found their way up my shirt, and he slid it over my head, then did the same with his clothes, as did I with my jeans. He unclasped my bra, and threw it on the ground. He kissed down from my neck to my left boob, sucking on it lightly, while massaging my right one. Then repeated the process with my right boob. He took off my panties, then slowly pushed into me. I moaned out at the feeling, and moved my hips, so I was meeting his thrusts. "Babe- I’m…I’m close!" I moaned out as I felt the familiar knot form in my stomach. "Me to, babe. Just let it go" We came at the same time, and we snuggled into the covers.

Andy wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. “Please don’t do it again. I love you too much to see you hurt. Please, just please, get rid of them?” “Yes. I promise” I said, smiled up at him, soon falling asleed to the peaceful sond and rhythm of his heartbeat.

And in that moment, I knew. I knew that someone loved me. That someone cared. That someone was there for me. That someone wanted me to stay alive. We didn’t just “Fuck” or “Have sex”.

What we just did. We made love…

can you do a Chris motionless one? where your on your period and use the last pad and he goes out and gets more for you and when he comes back you cuddle and watch Nightmare before Christmas? Fluffy fluff fluff please


Done! Sorry it sucked! It’s not my best, but my Monster’s wearing off, so yea. Sorry it’s short too! /.\

I’d Do Anything For You ~ Chris Motionless Fluff

Anon Asked: can you do a Chris motionless one? where your on your period and use the last pad and he goes out and gets more for you and when he comes back you cuddle and watch Nightmare before Christmas? Fluffy fluff fluff please


1. I liked this one<3 70% Cause it was cute, 30% Cause I was on my period, when I got this. So yea, it was more cute

2. I got a break, so I could do a couple, so I’m only gonna do like two or three!


*Y/N’s POV*

I woke, and got up, feeling that you normally get when you get up while on your period. I looked at the clock “10:37am” It read. I groaned, and went to change my pad. I looked at the bag, and noticed that I had only one left. I groaned in an irritated way, but grabbed it, and changed it. I was too tired to go and buy some, but I didn’t want to bother Chris while he was sleeping. I sat and debated while sitting in my kitchen, craving random shit, and chocolate. I ended up grabbing a bunch of stuff, and sitting on the couch. In the middle of Warm Bodies, don’t judge, I’m emotional on my period, I felt the cramps coming. I sighed and grabbed a heating pad, a comfy pillow, and blanket from the closet, and put it on, going back to my movie.

I heard Chris coming down the stairs, and I just had to ask him to do it for me, because lets be honest, a girl on her period, was not a stable person to drive a truck. “Hey babe…”I asked in a shy voice “Yea” He said sitting next to me. “Can…um…you go and, uh, buy me some pads…?” I said blushing a bit. I mean c’mon who wouldn’t. You’re asking someone to go buy you pads, that’s like the weirdest thing to ask someone. Especially a guy, and especially your boyfriend. He chuckled and said “Sure babe, just let me get dressed” He smiled, and kissed my head, then ran up the stairs. He came back down, then stopped at the door “Anything eles, Miss. Emotional?” He smirked ass he saw me crying at how cute the movie was. “Shut up. And some chocolate, and sprite? Please?” I begged “Sure thing, love” He said then walked out the door.

~Time Lapse Of Like 30 Minutes, Or Some Shit~

I heard the door open, and close while I was watching Spongebob, laughing a bit more than I should. I hate mood swings (t-.-t). He gave me the bag, then put the chocolate, and 12 can of sprite on the table in front of me. I thanked him, grabbed the bag, then ran for the restroom. I changed it, then walked back into the living room to see "The Nightmare Before Christmas" A bigger blanket, candy of all types, a heating pad, and a very smirk-y Chris. I giggled, and walked over to him, planting a kiss on his cheek. “You missed” He pointed to his lips “Fine” I giggled, and pecked him on the lips. I sat down and Chris cuddled me into him as soon as I sat down. I snuggled into him, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled up at him, as he pushed play. I grabbed some candy and flicked some at him. He laughed and looked at me, grabbed a sour patch and threw it in my mouth “Caught it!” I smiled “Open” He opened his mouth, and I threw a Hershey Kiss in his mouth. We sat there throwing candy at each other from each end of the cough. Him on the left, me on the right. We ended up just laughing at our child like actions, and we went back to cuddling and watching the movie. "How did I ever get so luck?" I smiled at the thought, then soon fell asleep to the beat of Chris’s heart.

How did I ever get so lucky…?

~Not my best, but my Monster’s wearing off. So sorry if it sucked, and sorry it’s so short~

I’ll Be Gone For A While

Some stuff happened, so I won’t be on for a while :/ Sorry xc. I’ll get to the imagines when I get back, I PROMISE!

I la you all!
Send in requests while I’m gone, cause my sister deleted some, that bitch, so yea. Send some in so I have some to do when I get back!

~ Rain Wolfie Perry♥

Can u write a chris motionless smut you have been together for 2 years and get into a huge fight and he starts throwing stuff and walks out and when he comes back u have cuddles and makeups


Done! Sorry it sucks /.\ School has taken away all my creativity :/

I’m Sorry…*Chris Motionless Smut*

Anon Asked: Can u write a chris motionless smut you have been together for 2 years and get into a huge fight and he starts throwing stuff and walks out and when he comes back u have cuddles and makeups


Sorry that the whole “Chris throwing stuff at you” part sucked. It’s just I’ve been through that shit, and it was a touchy subject, and it really hit home. Again, sorry. Hope you like it anyways… :/ Plus, school has literally drained all the creativity out of me, so if the imagines suck, I apologize :c


"What the fuck Chris?!" I yelled as my boyfriend of two years threw me into the house. "You were flirting with that guy, Y/N, and you know damn well you were too!" He spat at me. My anger turned into rage "Why the FUCK would I do that?! When I have you! I thought you were the best thing ever, and now you’re being a giant dick! Seriously! If I knew you were gonna do this, I would’ve flirted with him!!" I yelled. You could see the anger in his eyes "You whore!! His hands were all over you for fucks sake!! How can you say "You weren’t flirting with him" So quit being a lying little shit, Y/N!" He yelled. That was the last straw. I took off my heels and flung them at him. He dodged them and gabbed the lamp on the counter, and threw it at me. I threw my body to the floor, to dodge it, but the glass cut my hand. "You’re so pathetic" Chris spat, then walked out, leaving me on the floor crying. "What have I done!" I choked out threw my sobs. I eventually cried myself to sleep, still on the floor.

~Time Lapse: 2 Hours~

I woke up to someone putting me on the bed upstairs, then someone lying next to me. I felt their arm go around my waist, and defense mode kicked in. I shot up and drew my fists up, preparing myself to kick some ass. “Whoa!! Calm down! It’s just me…” Chris said, putting his arms up in defense. I relaxed and buried myself in the covers. “Y/N…” Chris trailed off, but I ignored him. “Y/N…??” He said again. I continued to ignore him. I heard him sigh then I heard silence. I felt someone rip the blankets off of me, then pin me down, so I was forced to be still. I closed my eyes, knowing that Chris was above me. “Y/N, look at me” He said. I slowly did, and his eyes were full of guilt. “I’m sorry, ok? I really am. After I stormed out, all I could think about was you. Your smile, your laugh, your eyes, your everything. I thought I’d never be able to see it again. Please, just let me show you how much I love you?” His voice was soft and calm, unlike earlier. I nodded, not knowing what to say, and his lips attacked mine, roughly.

His hands traveled up and down my sides, sending shivers. I shuddered as his lips moved to my neck, immediately sucking on my sweet spot. “Chris!” I moaned out, as he bit down lightly. I felt him smirk against my skin, and he took off my shirt, doing the same with his. He took off my pants, and kissed from my neck all the way down to my pantie line, teasing me. “Don’t tease” I whispered as he teased me threw the fabric. He smirked and ripped off my panties, and pushed two fingers inside me. “Chris!” I screamed as he added one more finger, hitting my g-spot every time. “Chris! I’m… I’m gonna cum!” I yelled as I felt the knot in my stomach growing. He slid his fingers out, and without warning, slammed into me, going at a slow pace, gradually speeding up. I felt the knot growing tighter, and tighter “Chris..I’m-I’m gonna…” “Let it go” He said. Soon after I left myself release onto him, triggering his. He collapsed on the bed next to me. “I really am sorr-” Chris started, but I shut him up by kissing him “Just shut up, and go to sleep” I laughed, soon falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

Can you write one where Y/N and Tony Perry are best friends, and one day Y/N is horny and he notices it. So he fingers her and eats her out. Rough please. c:


Done! Sorry it’s short, but I hope you like it

You’re Acting Strange…*Tony Perry Smut*

Anon Asked: Can you write one where Y/N and Tony Perry are best friends, and one day Y/N is horny and he notices it. So he fingers her and eats her out. Rough please. c:


Yers, you little shits, I’m back. I’m sacrificing my grades to finish up some requests. Sorry if they suck, tell me and I’ll redo them. Also, sorry it’s short! 


I was sitting on the couch, in the house that me and my best friend, Tony, shared. He was supposed to be home in about an hour, and I’ve been feeling a bit horny, ever since I finished watching that random movie that came on. I slipped off my jean shorts and panties, then went upstairs. I was about to grab my vibrator, when the door opened “Shit!” I whispered and put my shorts and panties back on, and went downstairs “Hey!” He said “Hey” I replied in a shy voice “What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly “Nothing, I’m fine” I smiled, hoping he’d believe me “Ok then…” He said slowly “Imma go change, after we’ll watch some tv, ok?” “Kay” I relied and sat on the couch. Tony came downstairs in pajama pants, and no shirt. My breath hitched, as he sat next to me a looked for a channel. “How’s that show “The Masters Of Sex? You’ve seen the first episode, so is it good?” He asked and turned to me. I nodded, and he picked it. 

The sex scene came on, and I tensed up. I’m guessing Tony felt it cause he looked at me, and smirked. He turned back to the tv, and placed his hand on my thigh, slowly moving it up to my wet core. He ran his finger up my slit through my shorts, and kept repeating that process. “Tony…” I moaned out, once I couldn’t take it anymore. He smirked and pulled down my shorts and panties in one quick movement, and continued to finger me. “Oh Tony!” I moaned out as I felt the familiar knot form in my stomach. I could feel him smirk, then put three fingers in, moving them quick and in a scissoring motion. “Fuck, Tony, Fuck!!” I yelled out as I released onto his hand. He licked me off of him, and blew on my still, dripping wet core, and kissed up my folds “Beg for me” “Please Tony. Please eat me” I begged hoping he would. He rubbed circles on my slit, and harshly sucked and nibbled. “I’m….I’m…I’m close!” I moaned out, as I felt myself coming close to releasing. “TONY!” I screamed as my body went into pure pleasure. Tony licked up everything. He looked at me and smiled “How about we do this more often?” He smiled